Our Other Services

Mystic Dreams Enterprises is an Internet Business Solutions and Applications Provider (IBSAP), with a proven and successful track record. We also provide competent knowledge and expertise in the design, implementation, support and management of your personal or business web presence, e-business solutions and more. As well as PC / MAC hardware and software install, implementation and usage and full maintenance of all your computers.

Other Web Related Services

We offer services that encompass a vast array of products and services, from the basic to using some of the latest technologies like PHP, mySQL, HTML, DHTML, HTML5, Microsoft Access, Excel and other Office Products. As well as software related to MAC OS X to include iWorks and much more! A full array of management services is also available from the basic webmaster duties to fully managed care of your website.

Computer Build and Services

We offer custom built computers to meet or exceed your needs in personal or business!

if desired a buyers service is also available that will purchase name brand computers in either Windows or MAC versions. These will come fully upgraded as requested, fully updated with all updates to operating system and all required or desired software installed. This service gives you a true "plug n' play" end result, you do nothing except take it all out of the boxes and plug it in... No waiting for updates to load, no installs of software or issues from software or hardware, everything was tested before it was shipped to you!

Technical Support Services

We offer physical technical support depending on area as well as remote support offerings which can be done from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

The remote service can handle your support needs, remote software installs, remote technical issues and software training if needed. Our remote technical support can be handled on a per instance or by contract depending on your needs, time frames and other factors.

The physical technical support is offered mainly in and around greater Tucson, AZ and surrounding areas but can also include Phoenix and surrounding areas as well as the state of Arizona. Travel expenses for areas outside the Tucson area will be added and negotiated at time of service requests. We can also offer these services outside of these areas if proper arrangements, fees and expenses can be agreed upon in advance of your needs.

We are open to your request and would be happy to explore and discuss your exact needs with you at any time that is acceptable with all parties. Use the Contact form from the menu above and let's see what we can do for you or your business!

* We also offer business / personal desktop and laptop maintenance and repair to full computer systems custom built for you in both MAC and Windows, we can do it all!

Our Philosophy

We do not believe you will find a better, more professional or harder working company anywhere! A company that always has your needs and wants in the fore front, not on the back burner. You deserve quality and customer service that is second to none. We are setting the standard of how a business should be run in today's high tech world! As everything else moves faster the world has become more and more impersonal. We believe these values and business practices should not have faded away, here at Mystic Dreams Enterprises they are alive and well!

A hosting and development group for tomorrow, not just today! Where your satisfaction and quality service is a way of doing business, not just a slogan. Here at Mystic Dreams Enterprises we are committed to providing you the best and the most for your money.

Mystic Dreams Enterprises is a complete Internet Business Solutions and Applications Provider. Please take a few moments to browse through our products and website to see just how easy running your website can be and how much we can do for you or your business today!

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